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Customized NavBars - This is the FIRST WebRing for Managers to show off NavBars they have customized. In addition, this Ring is viewed weekly

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Customized NavBars

Manager: wrug
Please visit for ideas, tips, and even some NavBar shells you can use, then post your thoughts and questions for others to answer. TECHNICAL QUESTIONS or PROBLEMS need to go to Questions posted here should be seeking opinions or feedback.

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Stories for Children, where culture's lots of fun, too! - 02/06/2004

Kids, come over for much fun, & learn too! Authors, check our pages & add yours! Fun, educational & overall constructive stories & pages promoting the study/writing of children's literature, sites on/for related authors, books, e-books & free downloads, poems, rhymes, limericks, tales, short stories, novels are all welcome! Your site is of course kid-safe.

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