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WDYTYA - Cindy Crawford - 08/27/2013

Like most of America, or at least those whose interest lies in genealogy, I spend my Tuesday evenings glued to The Learning Channel and Lisa Kudrow's wonderful genealogy program, Who Do You Think You Are. Tonight's episode was no exception to the great story lines and research often seen on this show. Tonight, supermodel Cindy Crawford went in search of her ancestors. Let me just give you a run down on tonight's episode. SPOILER ALERT: I give you fair warning...if you haven't seen tonight's show and intend to watch it, you might want to wait until later to read this post! Cindy Crawford was one of the world's first true supermodels. Her career soared and she was the highest paid model of all time. Cindy lives in Malibu, California with her husband and two children. But she grew up in DeKalb, Minnesota surrounded by family. She was blessed to have known all four of her great-grandmothers. "Having a sense of connection to history is important," she says. Cindy's father's mother was Ramona Hemingway, and Cindy often wondered if there was a connection to author Ernest Hemingway. Ramona's parents were Frank Hemingway and Hazel Brown. Frank was a popcorn farmer. He wanted a family of boys, and instead was blessed with a family of eight daughters. It is Frank's family that Cindy wants to know more about. And so she turns to our old friend, and standby , Ancest...

WDYTYA - Cindy Crawford

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