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Poetry - The Poetry Webring contains websites with many styles of poetry.

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Manager: xandra_2
The Poetry Webring contains websites with many styles of poetry.


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A sampling from our Member Sites(s) Use the link above to review/visit

Webplex - Poem of the Week
A fun site featuring poetry, jokes, holiday pages, games, and more.
Heather's Poetry
This site has over 60 original poems. Subject matter includes love, romance, friends, family, nature, depression, social issues, vampires, and more.
A Lion's Roar
Original Poetry, Short Stories, and more, from Afro-Caribbean-Canadian Author-Poet, Poet Lleri_el (R.A.H.R.)
Kree-Lah The Warrior
The Adventures Of Kree-Lah, told entirely in Verse.
Bob's Virtual Home
Primarily poems I have written. Also links to favorite sites.

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